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Monday, August 13, 2012

A blog just for them

If your child loves to draw or write -- consider giving them their own blog for showcasing their masterpieces!

It doesn't have to cost anything. (Many blogs out there are free -- Blogger, Tumblr, etc.)

You don't have to have much (or any) computer knowledge. (The blogging platforms nowadays make knowing HTML code an option only, not a requirement.)

You can let them customize the colors, layout, theme, and overall look of their blogs, as well as control whether or not they can log in themselves to post or whether you want to control the passwords and log in for them/with them for posting.

Little Miss Artsy loves to write stories and draw pictures, and she wanted a place to post them to share with friends and family.

So, this weekend, we finally set up a spot online for her to do just that:

My Artwork and Stories!

Simple layout, pink background (of course), it allows her to upload drawings she makes, photos she takes, and stories and captions she writes.

Tumblr is my personal recommendation for younger kids; it's very easy to use. Even at age six, she require little to no help from us with uploading and posting once we showed her how.

Not only does this give your children a sense of personal accomplishment (after all, they become published authors and/or illustrators!), it helps reduce paper clutter around your house if you choose to let this be a way you preserve their creative work!

Have fun!

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