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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Know much about sod house living?

We've been studying about settlers in the Old West in our Hideaways in History curriculum.

Though learning about gunslingers and cowboys is certainly exciting, life in the big West wasn't always so exciting for everyone. There were plain, ordinary families just like ours who sought to start a new life there.

Many lived in simple houses made of sod. We were intrigued as we measured how big one would actually be -- and imagined the earthy, musty smell one would have inside it.

Our curriculum pointed us to this website where several fun activities teach more about sod house living. There's a fun interactive game to see if you're smart enough to know where and how to build....and a detective activity to gain clues from old photos of sod house families.

I don't know who enjoyed this lesson more -- me or the kids!

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