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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another reason...

...that I adore homeschooling:

It's uber-flexible.

This week and last we've been thrown a curve ball: My husband ruptured a disc in his spine and will be undergoing surgery this Thursday. I've been carrying the load of two parents for the past few days, as well as being nursemaid -- and this will continue on into next week. BUT! Homeschool allows for weeks like this. We don't have to have formal sit-down lessons in the school room. This week it's been more comfortable to do our work in the living room -- in our pajamas, even.

We can start early and finish early, or start late and work into the afternoon -- depending on our family's schedule and needs during crazy weeks like this one.

I am happy to report that, despite the chaos, the kids have been super focused and have managed their time very well. What they're learning is sticking. Some of the evidence? Overhearing our daughter teaching what she's been learning to her stuffed animals in her own play "classroom." 

My heart is happy. 

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