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Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Time for Student Photos!

Welcome to week #3 of Heart of the Matter Online's "Not Back to School Blog Hop:" Student Photo Week!

I have two stellar students -- our two children -- let me introduce them to you!

Mr. Tinker (on the right, above) is our firstborn. He will turn 7 in September.

~ Loves anything "technical." He takes old electronics apart...for fun. His favorite toy is Snap Circuits.
~ Has the most adorable freckles. (Maybe I'm biased.)
~ Has the most tender heart of any little boy I know. He has always loved to hug and snuggle.
~ He radiates JOY. His enthusiasm is contagious!
~ His favorite subjects are math and science....although he is really excited about starting history this year.
~ He just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels last spring.
~ He also enjoys swimming, playing Wii with his Dad, and making music.

Miss Artsy (on the left, above) is our little girl. She just turned 5.

~ Is independent and headstrong, two traits she got from me.
~ Loves, loves (and I mean LOVES) all things related to animals. She has more stuffed animal pals than any other toy in her room. When she grows up she wants to be "an animal dentist."
~ Has the most contagious giggle.
~ Is super artistic (hence her name) and loves to draw. She's never more than a few feet away from a stack of paper and colored pencils. (Oh, and stickers. What little girl doesn't love stickers?)
~ She just lost her first two teeth! We were shocked that they fell out so early...but apparently it's normal.
~ She is excited about spelling and reading, to aid her in creating more self-published books (which she makes almost daily).

I am super blessed to be their mom, and even more blessed to be able to also be their teacher. I can't wait to see what fun this school year holds!

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